Geoduck from Canada has earned an international reputation as the true geoduck of great taste, fresh flavour and premium quality. Not only is it savoured and recognized as superior in its purest natural form, its flavour is also considered extraordinary when cooked.

Traditionally, geoduck has been enjoyed in sashimi and hot pot creations in China and Hong Kong where geoduck is especially popular. Today, while traditional geoduck dishes continue to be popular, the versatility of Geoduck from Canada is being fully explored and embraced by chefs around the world as they develop amazing new creations as presented here.


Some of Canada’s best chefs are pleased to share some new recipes for Geoduck from Canada created during the summer of 2015.


Celebrate the distinct qualities of Canadian geoduck as formed by nature. This menu highlights the endless possibilities of creating a delightful meal prepared with all parts of the geoduck and geoducks of various sizes.

dinner recipe 6

Chef Stephen Wong