A sustainable food source

Sustainability has become a core value in consumer’s minds in recent years. We understand that our choices have an impact; that certain food sources are better for the environment and resource populations.


When a food source is classified as sustainable, it either relates to the management measures (by humans), or the resource abundance and reproduction (biology). Geoduck is both! As a food source, Canadian geoduck is a sustainable choice for the following reasons:

  1. Geoducks don’t require feed
  2. They’re strong reproducers
  3. Harvesting leaves minimal seafloor damage
  4. It’s a strictly managed resource

Geoducks are filter feeders

There is no special feed or antibiotics required. They filter small particles of food through the surrounding water, which also happens to be their source of oxygen. It’s one of the reasons geoduck from Canada is such high quality - it comes from pure water. Geoduck from Canada is wild and organic.


Geoducks are broadcast spawners. Several females will release eggs at the same time several males release sperm, which increases the chances of successful fertilization. Over the course of her lifetime, a female will produce as many as five billion eggs.

Minimal seafloor damage

The harvest method requires divers to use a stinger (a nozzle with high-pressure water pumped down from the boat) to blast the sand at depths of 10m - 20m. The sand settles back into the banks after harvesting.

Effective management

The resource Geoduck from Canada is closely monitored and reported. It’s our mandate to harvest no more than 2% of the resource annually, and to plant between 250,000 - 700,000 geoduck seed each year.



Seafood Watch is a science based, world renowned sustainable seafood advisory list from Monterey Bay Aquarium. The list informs seafood purchasing decisions for consumers, chefs, and business professionals. 

Seafood Watch program ranks geoduck from Canada as a ‘good alternative’.

Ocean Wise is an ocean conservation program created by the Vancouver Aquarium to empower consumers about sustainable seafood and healthy oceans. This program certifies sustainable seafood based on stocks, environmental impact, and fishing practises in order to ensure the long-term health of our oceans. Wild harvested geoduck in British Columbia is Ocean Wise recommended and recognized as a sustainable seafood option. 

Watch our Ocean Kitchen Episode here: https://ocean.org/stories/geoduck-harvesting/#ocean-kitchen-geoduck-ceviche


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