To prepare Geoduck from Canada for serving, simply follow these step-by-step instructions.

Because of its remarkable quality, Geoduck from Canada is most often served raw in its natural form as sushi or sashimi to showcase its highly desirable true flavours and texture. The flavour of Canadian geoduck is also considered extraordinary when cooked so other favourite preparation methods include quickly sautéed, stir-fried or cooked in a traditional hot pot.

Today, chefs from all around the world are embracing the wonderful versatility of Geoduck from Canada and developing exciting new creations featuring both raw and cooked meat. For example, Chinese chefs are increasingly featuring Canadian geoduck on the menus of Chinese banquets, Japanese chefs are serving geoducks in multi-course Kaiseki-style dinners, and many western chefs are incorporating geoducks into their “chef’s creations” tasting menus.

Follow these tips from UHA Chef/Consultant and geoduck expert, Stephen Wong, to ensure tasty geoduck creations every time:

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