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Image of Blanched Canadian Geoduck in szechuan-spiced cilantro dressing

Blanched Canadian Geoduck in Szechuan-spiced Cilantro Dressing

Winner: Seafood Cooking Competition, Hong Kong (2007)

Geoduck from Canada is versatile and easy to prepare.


Many chefs choose to serve Geoduck from Canada raw in sushi or sashimi, to showcase its highly desirable flavours and texture. Alternatively, other favoured preparation methods include sautéed, stir-fried, or cooked in a traditional hot pot.

Chefs from all around the world are embracing Geoduck from Canada for its wonderful versatility, by developing exciting new creations featuring both raw and cooked geoduck meat. Chinese chefs are increasingly featuring Canadian geoduck on Chinese banquet menus; Japanese chefs are serving geoducks in multi-course Kaiseki-style dinners; and many western chefs are incorporating geoduck into ‘chef creations’ tasting menus.  


Our UHA Chef Consultant and geoduck expert, Stephen Wong, offers the following tips to ensure tasty geoduck creations every time: 


Here is a step by step visual guide to preparing geoduck:

The 4 main geoduck cuts


Siphon slices

The thinnest cut is best for sashimi, hotpot, ceviche, and salad.

Thick cut siphon slices

This cut is best for chowder and stir fry.

Siphon batons

This cut is best for chowder and stir fry. 

Body slices

The thickest cut and is best for grilled skewer and chowder.

Watch the four geoduck cuts for sashimi, chowder, and stir fry:

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