Canadian Geoduck in jade bamboo boxes

Recipe created by Chen Ze Ming
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A Canadian Seafood Cooking Competition was hosted in five major Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong) in 2007 by the Canadian Embassy and Consulates, with major sponsors such as Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, and the Underwater Harvesters Association. Leading chefs from each region were invited to participate and create dishes featuring one of following premium Canadian seafood products: geoduck, Atlantic lobster, snow crab, sablefish and scallops. Special events were hosted in each of the five cities where the participating chefs presented their dishes and the distinguished guests including media and food experts casted their votes for the best dishes. The winning recipes and chefs were featured in a special recipe booklet. The Government of Canada is pleased to share the award winning recipes created with Geoduck from Canada.

Main Ingredient

1 Geoduck from Canada siphon

Secondary Ingredients

5 cucumbers

2 young coconuts

Dressing Ingredients

100g mayonnaise or salad dressings

White wine, to taste

Dry mustard, to taste


Preparation method:
Remove the shell of the geoduck and the gut ball. Remove the skin and wash thoroughly. Par-cook geoduck siphon by blanching briefly in boiling salted water. Cut geoduck into matchstick-thin strips. Refrigerate until ready to use. Cut cucumbers into segments about 6cm /2.5 inches long. Scoop out seeds and flesh to form “boxes”. Open young coconut and scoop out the meat. Cut coconut meat into matchstick strips similar in size and shape to the geoduck julienne. Make dressing by combining mayonnaise, wine and mustard and adjusting to taste. Dress the geoduck and coconut strips with dressing and fill each cucumber segment with a portion of the mixture. Arrange the cucumber segments on a serving platter to resemble bamboo branches. Decorate as illustrated and serve.

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