Stir-fried minced Canadian Geoduck with sesame pita

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Canadian Seafood Cooking Competition in China A Canadian Seafood Cooking Competition was hosted in five major Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong) in 2007 by the Canadian Embassy and Consulates, with major sponsors such as Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, and the Underwater Harvesters Association. Leading chefs from each region were invited to participate and create dishes featuring one of following premium Canadian seafood products: geoduck, Atlantic lobster, snow crab, sablefish and scallops. Special events were hosted in each of the five cities where the participating chefs presented their dishes and the distinguished guests including media and food experts casted their votes for the best dishes. The winning recipes and chefs were featured in a special recipe booklet. The Government of Canada is pleased to share the award winning recipes created with Geoduck from Canada.

Main Ingredient

1 Geoduck from Canada siphon

Secondary Ingredients

4g Green, red, and yellow bell peppers, diced

5ml Olive oil

12g Ground pork

1 Garlic and shallot, finely chopped

8 g each, celery and onions, diced

8 g water chestnuts, diced

0.5 g Chinese mushrooms, rehydrated

8 g diced bamboo shoots

0.2 g each, Chinese bbq sauce & satay sauce

4 g toasted pine nuts

10 lettuce leaves

10 sesame pita bread

5 Mint leaves


4g Chicken broth powder

2g Corn starch

5 mL chicken stock or broth

1 mL Maggi sauce

4g Oyster sauce

2g Sugar

Accompanying Sauces and Garnishes

Dan Dan Noodle sauce

XO sauce

Sour plum juice

Sliced green onions


Preparation method:
Remove the shell of the geoduck. Blanch the geoduck siphon in boiling water for 30 seconds, remove the skin, and wash thoroughly. Soak geoduck in cold water for about 15 minutes. Add 2g chicken broth powder and cornstarch and marinate for 5 minutes. Char the three types of coloured peppers over an open flame until skin is blackened. Peel off skin, rinse well, discard seeds and cut into a fine dice. Mix remaining seasoning ingredients together and set aside. Heat olive oil in wok or skillet over medium heat. Pan fry geoduck until semi-cooked. Cut geoduck into a coarse dice. Set aside. In the same pan, sauté ground pork until fragrant and cooked. Set aside. Add diced vegetables to the pan, sauté until fragrant and lightly softened then add Chinese bbq sauce and satay sauce and stir-fry briefly. Add ground pork and geoduck and mixed seasoning ingredients and stir-fry for about 30 seconds. Add pinenuts and toss to mix. Transfer mixture to serving platter and serve with lettuce leaves, mint leaves, pita bread and accompanying sauces on the side.

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